Black is a staple color for any wardrobe, but how do you wear it in warmer weather? I decided to tackle this issue and pull some of the black pieces from my closet to warm them up!

1 - The Black Blazer

A black blazer can be transformed into a bright spring piece simply by adding a base item in a warm color such as yellow, orange, or pink. I then added more fun accessories like a scarf and handbag in lime and blue. The brown belt also adds a warmer effect than a black one would have, plus, it ties the whole outfit together.

2 - Basic Black Dress

I decided to keep the basic black dress simple and chic by adding only white accessories. This keeps the look clean and fresh to give it a more spring-like feeling. The baby blue bag added a subtle pop of color to this otherwise simple ensemble. By pulling my hair back, that clean fresh feeling was enhanced ten-fold.

3 - Black Ruffled Blouse

The blouse was a tricky piece to work with. I would suggest saving this outfit for a cooler or rainy spring day. I chose a lighter colored blazer and white pants to offset the darkness on top. The red belt and bag add interest and color while drawing the eye across the whole body taking the focus away from the blouse.

4 - Straight Leg Trouser

The straight leg trouser can be paired with any brightly patterned top to make it appropriate for spring. It is important to remember to always wear an opened-toe shoe with black pants in warmer weather. I also added more casual accessories in neutral tones to make the look appear warmer.


Katie said...

Wow, you are so amazing (and you look like a professional model!) I've always admired your sense of fashion, so I'll be keeping up with your postings!

Big Smile said...

Great ideas!! You look like you had fun playing dress up!!!

Melinda said...

I'm glad you got this going! It's easy to find something modest, mostly, but it doesn't always come off 'chic'. You have a great blog here and I'll be back to see your suggestions!

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