SPRING STYLE: Twelve Trends You Can Trust

5 Tips for Effortless Style

1. CINCH: Use a belt at the smallest part of your waist to define the waistline.

2. OPPOSITES ATTRACT: Balance any look by mixing plain fabrics with patterns, hot and cold colors (ex. yellow and grey), full and fitted styles (ex. a billowy blouse with skinny pants or wide leg pants with a fitted tee).

3. MISS THE MATCHY-MATCH: Rather than matching colors exactly, use complimentary colors (orange/blue), adjacent colors (blue/green), or varied shades of the same color similar to an ombre effect (pink/red/maroon). This will add interest to your look without sacrificing a matched effect.

4. SIX PART SUCCESS: A foolproof fashion ensemble has six main parts; a top, bottom, pair of sassy shoes, a bag, an accessory, and a layered piece. Follow these rules and every outfit will look effortless and fabulous.

5. STAY FIT: Don't worry, it's not what you think...your clothes have to stay fit! Without a good fit you won't have style. No matter how trendy your outfit is, if it doesn't fit you correctly it will look sloppy. 


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