This fall is about bringing out the inner YOU. Are you one with NATURE... or dreaming of a fast life in the CITY? Maybe you are secretly crushing on the SKATER BOY next door... don't worry, we won't tell. Whatever your dreams may be, this fall has the PERFECT LOOK for you AND you'll still have enough left over for those SHOES you've been drooling over!
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1 - If a nice walk in the mountains or a day spent basking in the warm sun is your idea of perfection then this season's NATURAL BEAUTY trend is for you! Earth toned colors and flexible fabrics are only the base of this fun and comfortable style. Mix it up with florals AND plaids, fringe boots or thigh highs... and don't forget your scarf!

WHERE TO BUY natural beauty: Dress - American Rag at Macys $49, Vest - American Rag at Macys $39, Thigh Boots - Bakers Shoes $80, Knit Bolero - 10T at Macys $34, Ruffle Tank - American Rag at Macys $39, Jeans - Zco Premium at Macys $48, Fringe Boot - TJMaxx $30

2 - Your dreams consist of designer shoes, luscious handbags, tailored jackets, and ruffles galore. You, my friend, are a FASHIONISTA! The Power Woman trend is all over the runways this season, lucky for you. Black and white paired with yellow accents are the killer combo for any fashion-conscious woman ready to rock the sidewalks of her favorite city. Your key elements: gloves, tights, booties, tailored
outerwear, and statement jewelry.

WHERE TO BUY fashionista: Print Coat - Anne Klein at Macys $90, Long Sleeve Black Blouse - Worthington at JCPenney $36, Wide Leg Trousers - NYandCo $40, Yellow Oversized Clutch - Urban Expressions at TJMaxx $20, Black Short Sleeve Jacket - Vintage, Yellow/Gold Ruffle Blouse - Heart Soul at JCPenney $36, Print Pencil Skirt - Worthington at JCPenney $44, Heeled Ankle bootie - Spiegel $75, Quilted Clutch - No Boundaries at Walmart $5

3 - Rules don't really apply to you, per-say... you like to make your own. Teal, however, is the one color you can't live without this season if you wanna be a true REBEL GIRL. Rocker, Punk, Emo inspired; this trend is tough and chic. 1980's skinny pants, stacked wrist-wear and charcoal smokey eyes are the staples for you. People notice you, but not in a bad way. If they're staring, it's because they're jealous... and you know it.

WHERE TO BUY rebel girl: Black Military Blazer - Xhilaration at Target $30, Teal Plaid Shirt - Empyre at Zumies $30, Silver Bow Tie Belt - Xhilaration at Target $15, Grey Skinny Jeans - American Eagle $50, Black Studded Flats - No Boundaries at Walmart $15, Stripe Tunic - Fire at TJMaxx $15, Teal Skinny Jeans - YMI at Dillards $36, Snake Studded Flats - L.e.i. at Walmart $20, Necklaces - No Boundaries at Walmart $5-$7, Scarf - Converse at Target $17

MODELS: Ashlyn Paulsen, Angela Levesque
SKATER BOY: Jason :)
DIRECTOR: Kellie Levesque


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