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Online shopping has never been so easy! Have you ever found a top you wanted to buy but didn't know what to wear it with? Now, you can shop stylist looks by outfit at select online stores. Just click on the link and it will bring you to each "shop by outfit" section for that store.



VICTORIA BECKHAM: Who Says Modest Can't Be Sexy?!

There's a reason why they call her Posh. Victoria Beckham is one of the most glamorous icons of our century. Known for her unfailing class and sexy momhood, Victoria still reigns in my book as the British queen of fashion. While maintaining her fierceness, she still manages to pull off a bit of "major" modesty here and there. Below, you will find my Top 10 favorites of her modest looks. These pictures can be found at People.com.

1. Orange Crush

2. Menswear For A Lady

3. Business Casual

4. Red Hot

5. Dark Princess

6. Pretty Proper

7. Bright White

8. Pink Posh

9. Sleek and Stylish

10. Equestrian Chic

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RULES TO LIVE BY: Basic Fit Rules For All Shapes


1. Shoulder seam should run straight up from the armpit line to the shoulder bone.

2. Avoid a high empire waist, which can make your bust line appear smaller.

3. Waistlines should be defined and hit at or below the ribcage.


1. Hem should hit at the hip bone or above to avoid looking larger on top.

2. Sleeve should end at the wrist bone or above for a more tailored look.

3. Waist should be tapered in to give you a good shape and avoid looking blocky.


1. Straight leg pants give the illusion of height and will slim the leg.

2. Waist should hit right at the pelvic bone (not below) to balance out the entire look.

3. Back pockets should be closer together and hit lower on the behind to avoid flatness. 


1. Right at the knee or just above, lower will make your legs appear shorter and bulkier.

2. Waist should hit right at the pelvic bone (or higher) to balance the entire look. 

3. Straight leg or slightly tapered out are the most flattering fit on most body types.


1. Right at the knee or just above will elongate the leg.

2. Pencil skirts will give the illusion of height as well as accentuate curves appropriately.

3. Flared or A-line skirts will narrow the waistline and make the top half appear smaller. 


1. Wrap dresses are the most flattering style because they define the waistline and accentuate the bust appropriately.

2. Avoid boxy or straight cut dresses which can make you appear bulky or boyish. 

3. Hem should hit at the knee or just above to accentuate the leg. 


1. Pointed toes will make legs appear long and lean.

2. Neutral heels paired with dresses, skirts, or shorts will also elongate the leg. 

3. Bright colors give life and personality to a basic or neutral outfit.


1. Accessories should not be too large or they will distract from the rest of your look.

2. If you want to look smaller, choose a large handbag; and vice versa. 

3. They don’t have to, and usually should not match each other!

4. Belts are a necessity and will always make your waist appear smaller.

5. Don’t choose wide belts if you have a short torso, they will only make it look shorter.


1. White, Black, Brown, Gold, Silver, Tan are all neutrals and can go with any other color.

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