Modest Prom Dresses

It is that time of year every spring when girls all over are preparing for that special night with that special guy. Every part of high school culminates into this solemn event. It is, next to graduation, the most important night in your high school life. And every girl wants to look like a star. They want to be glamourous and sexy. The center of her date's , if not the whole room's, attention. And this perfect enchanted evening all relies on finding the perfect dress.

The search begin weeks in advance for this perfect dress, the holy grail of all dresses. There are thousands upon thousands of dresses to choose from, and choices to make about what kind of dress you want. Color, cut, style, length, fabric. For the girl who chooses also to dress modestly, this is a far more difficult task. We have some tips to help you on your special night.

Don't Settle

This is your special night. You don't want to remember it as the night you found an okay dress. You want something that expresses who you are. That is what fashion is all about. You will find something if you look.

If it makes you Uncomfortable, Don't Wear it

I remember at sixteen, searching for a prom dress. It was supposed to be a special night, one of those you will remember forever. I searched for a dress for weeks, unable to find one that my mom would let me wear in public. I ended up with a burgundy velvet ankle length dress. I loved it. Every inch. Being tall, it was hard to find a dress that was long enough to not hit me mid-calf. It was classy enough for mom and dad, and sexy to me because it was backless. It was the first time I was able to wear something so grown up. Not that I was sheltered or anything, but my family had certain rules which, in the long run, were beneficial to me growing up. Anyway, I was uncomfortable all night. I fidgeted with my dress, I worried that my bra-less bust was noticeable to everyone. Not the most special night of my life but lesson learned. If it makes you uncomfortable, DON'T WEAR IT!

Alter It

My sisters all went through similar experiences in finding a dress, but we learned enough sewing to alter the dresses the best we could. You can add buttons, a little extra fabric or lace, or you can wear a jacket or wrap.

Shop Around

The majority of prom dresses or special occasion dresses are strapless or with skinny straps. They accentuate the bust and neckline of the female body. It is designed to attract attention from onlookers and to showcase your body. It is supposed to make you feel as though you are walking down the red carpet with the paparazzi snapping away. Modest prom dresses are harder to come by, but there are websites catering to the modern and modest girl. Be patient and you will find your dream dress.

It's Swimsuit Season!: Modest Swimwear

This season in swimwear is offering lots of options in stylish and modest designs. There is a variety of color and cut, as well as a fabulous range from sporty to feminine. I have always hated one piece swimsuits. I don't know if it is the glorification of the bikini or if it was because I wasn't allowed to have one. As soon as I was on my own, I joined the masses and purchased a much longed for bikini. I let my standards slide for awhile, but with all the options available now there is no reason not to get back on track. My favorite suit of the season is actually the Swimdress. A sexy and feminine one piece with length and ruching to flatter your body.

Juicy Couture Beach Chiffon Halter Swimdress $164.00

There is also the option of the Tankini. A modest tank-like top and bottom. There are some options in this style to choose from. The regular tankini that hits around the belly button or the new much longer version that hits around the hips. The choices for the bottoms are: the swim skirt, boy shorts, or you can stick with the usual bikini cut. You can mix and match these styles to shake things up and add some flair to your swimwear this season.

Long Tankini 24.99

Ralph Lauren Sport Skirted

Hipster Bikini Bottoms $87.00

Ralph Lauren Sport Cross Back Tankini Top $73.00

DKNY Bandeau Tankini Top $96.00

& Boy Short $48.00

Next there is the Monokini: a half breed of the bikini and the one piece. It covers up the important parts but has cutouts on the sides and back to show a little skin. Our other option is of course the One piece. This isn't your usual one piece either. There is no need to fear that you will show up at the beach with the same swimsuit as someone's grandmother. You know the one I am talking of, the hideous bright floral and black combo with the awkward length skirt that is not long enough to really cover any flaws, nor short enough to be an accent. These one piece swimsuits are really very flattering in modern and retro prints and cuts.

Heart Cinched Bandeau One-Piece $38.50

Carmen Marc Valvo
Retro one-piece swimsuit $156.00

There are plenty of options available this season for fashionable and modest swimwear. You may have to be patient until you find what expresses you and your standards. From designers to department stores, independent boutiques, and online stores, you will be able to find the perfect suit for you.

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Renew Your Wardrobe

The winter months always seem to drag on forever. You walk to your closet every morning only to find that you have “nothing” to wear. Even if there are a million things hanging in your closet, you’re so bored with all of it that getting dressed is depressing. Now with the changing seasons you will be putting away the sweaters and pulling out the shorts. Why not use this time to your advantage and start your spring cleaning. Your wardrobe needs a makeover and here’s how to do it in 5 easy steps.

1. Empty & Assess

Pull out everything in the closet and lay it out where you can see it. Beds work great for this. The purpose of this step is to see what you have (and don’t have) and to give your closet some fresh air. The renewal of your closet will help you also feel renewed and give you a fresh start.

2. Sort & Categorize

Start moving everything into piles or categories. First, sort everything into basic categories like Tees, Sweaters, Pants, Shorts, Skirts, Jackets, Shoes, etc. then go into more detail once those piles are all sorted. Some examples of more detailed categories are Season, Color, Frequency of Wear, etc. This step is great because it allows you to really see what great pieces have been overlooked or what can be retired from your wardrobe.

3. Itemize & Donate

Now it’s time to start getting rid of what you don’t need. Start by making an itemized list of what you have. Pull out and set aside any items that: 1 Don’t fit quite right, 2 Aren’t comfortable, 3 Haven’t been worn in forever, 4 Won’t be worn anytime soon, 5 Are completely out of style. Now from this reject pile, decide if there is anything that you cannot live without. If there is something there that you just can’t bear getting rid of, put it back until next year. Otherwise, box up what is left in the reject pile and label it DONATE. Cross those items that you are donating off your itemized list. Go back over your list to determine if any essentials are missing from your wardrobe. *Another fun thing you can do to itemize your wardrobe is to photograph each item and catalog it on your home computer. Then in the future you won’t have to dig through racks of clothes to find an outfit because you will have those photos readily accessible through your computer.

4. Decorate & Arrange

An extra touch that you can add to your wardrobe if you are feeling really ambitious is a closet makeover. Add a splash of paint or wallpaper to the back wall of your closet to add some spice. Decorative baskets or boxes will also add some pizazz as well as a great means of storage. Get rid of those ugly wire hangers and buy some matching wooden ones. Put your shoes on a display rack or shelving unit rather than just tucking them in the back of your closet. This will make picking shoes to wear more like shopping than just pulling out an old pair to throw on. Just adding small touches of detail can make a world of difference.

5. Go Shopping & Accessorize

Now that you know what you have and maybe some extra space to fill, go shopping! Be careful not to overload yourself…only buy 1 item for every item you got rid of. Have a budget and make a list of what you need. Don’t buy anything that isn’t on your list. If you can’t afford new clothing or if you haven’t decided exactly what you need yet, buy some accessories to spice up what you already have. Belts, necklaces, and bracelets can make any boring outfit look completely fabulous. Try new things and have fun with your accessories. You’ll be amazed at what a simple cinch belt can do.

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