Modest Prom Dresses

It is that time of year every spring when girls all over are preparing for that special night with that special guy. Every part of high school culminates into this solemn event. It is, next to graduation, the most important night in your high school life. And every girl wants to look like a star. They want to be glamourous and sexy. The center of her date's , if not the whole room's, attention. And this perfect enchanted evening all relies on finding the perfect dress.

The search begin weeks in advance for this perfect dress, the holy grail of all dresses. There are thousands upon thousands of dresses to choose from, and choices to make about what kind of dress you want. Color, cut, style, length, fabric. For the girl who chooses also to dress modestly, this is a far more difficult task. We have some tips to help you on your special night.

Don't Settle

This is your special night. You don't want to remember it as the night you found an okay dress. You want something that expresses who you are. That is what fashion is all about. You will find something if you look.

If it makes you Uncomfortable, Don't Wear it

I remember at sixteen, searching for a prom dress. It was supposed to be a special night, one of those you will remember forever. I searched for a dress for weeks, unable to find one that my mom would let me wear in public. I ended up with a burgundy velvet ankle length dress. I loved it. Every inch. Being tall, it was hard to find a dress that was long enough to not hit me mid-calf. It was classy enough for mom and dad, and sexy to me because it was backless. It was the first time I was able to wear something so grown up. Not that I was sheltered or anything, but my family had certain rules which, in the long run, were beneficial to me growing up. Anyway, I was uncomfortable all night. I fidgeted with my dress, I worried that my bra-less bust was noticeable to everyone. Not the most special night of my life but lesson learned. If it makes you uncomfortable, DON'T WEAR IT!

Alter It

My sisters all went through similar experiences in finding a dress, but we learned enough sewing to alter the dresses the best we could. You can add buttons, a little extra fabric or lace, or you can wear a jacket or wrap.

Shop Around

The majority of prom dresses or special occasion dresses are strapless or with skinny straps. They accentuate the bust and neckline of the female body. It is designed to attract attention from onlookers and to showcase your body. It is supposed to make you feel as though you are walking down the red carpet with the paparazzi snapping away. Modest prom dresses are harder to come by, but there are websites catering to the modern and modest girl. Be patient and you will find your dream dress.

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