Forever21 is soooo hot right now! Even nine months pregnant, I'm ready to shop and buy! It is my number 1 motivation right now to get my body back so I can fit into these clothes.

Whether you see yourself as trendy, classic, rocker, or eco-chic, forever21 will have exactly what you're looking for.

Here are a few of my MODEST favorites!

1. A classic knit dress with a yummy twist ($25).

2. An eye-catching cotton skirt that looks fab even with a t-shirt ($23).

3. A waist defining blouse that makes going to work worth it ($23).

4. A versatile preppy sweater vest that works great for nearly any occasion ($21).

5. A chic short sleeve jacket that goes with anything and comes in 3 colors ($18).

6. These so-sexy heels will make any man drool, plus your friends will be jealous ($25).

7. These funky-fresh wedges will put a ready-for-runway edge on any outfit ($28).

8. What better to go with your new runway wedges than this pair of Beckham-esqe gloves? ($5)

9. A patent croc belt in 3 colors for every fashionable power woman ($9).
10. And you just gotta have the bag to go with it ($30). These are my top ten, but don't be shy about choosing your own. There is so much more at forever21 right now that I could do 50 blogs and still need more to show all the amazingly chic and cheap items that they have right now. Happy shopping!

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